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 08-15-03  Hammond Admirals Newsletter - Issue #15


Are you reading this for the first time on the Hammond website?  If so, email me so you can be added to the mailing list (and make sure you let me know when you change your address) While you are visiting the website, check to see that you are listed correctly in your class year – http://www.hammondhighschool.com

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Upcoming Lunch with Andy Apperson ’61 This Weekend

A few of us are getting together with Andy on Saturday, August 2  at the Silver Diner in Fair Oaks-- we’d love to have you join us around 11:30 – 11:45 a.m.   Andy is visiting from Texas, and he’d like to get together with Admirals in the area; please let Tommy Morris know if you can attend  - tomymorris@msn.com

Map for the Silver Diner (scroll down to Fair Oaks) http://www.silverdiner.com/locations/directory.html

12250 Fair Lakes Pkwy
Fairfax, VA 22033

Please try to join us!

 We’ve had some great gatherings in the past few months (not only the picnic)

Steve (Chuck) Borich ’64 was visiting from Ohio, and Lynn Larrick Henderson ’62 from Colorado.  We had a lunch and a party.  If you are missing out on these events, you need to join our Hammond forum on Delphi – you’ll learn about events, and find a photo or two, and also check the Hammond site on Classmates

Delphi has three tiers of service (basic which is free, and Advanced and Plus which are not – you’ll have greater ease with the pay tiers, but try out basic and see if you like the forum)

http://forums.delphiforums.com/Hammond/start (it is a private forum, so you will eventually get a screen requesting access)

Make sure you register with Classmates.com – http://www.classmates.com   It is free to register with your class, but you will need to pay to enjoy all aspects of the site.


The June picnic!  The weather was a little chilly for June, but no rain.  And we had a surprise visit from Coach Bill Yoast who was also in the park with the ’71 T.C. Titans.  And once again, he came bearing gifts for the high school memorabilia display.  Thanks Coach, for the trophies and jacket!

Frank Regan brought his varsity letters, Varsity Club membership card and his junior and senior class cards (just to name a few items) and Tommy Morris
gave the FCHHSAA his yearbooks.  Another item came via Chris Kusseling – a 1971 Band of the Admirals album donated by Sylvie Smith Moore.  (Roy Smith, have you cleaned out your attic lately?  I’m waiting ?

No pictures are up – but we will have some soon.

Speaking of the Titans – I’ve found over the last year that many don’t realize that “Remember the Titans” with Denzel Washington and Will Patton (as Bill Yoast) is the story of the ’71 championship football team at T.C. Williams – brought together with the merger of GW, Hammond and T.C. Williams.  Rent the video!  If you want to learn more about the team, here is a link to their official site:  http://www.71originaltitans.com/  if you have seen the movie, you might like the FAQ’s page at http://www.71originaltitans.com/


Last year, Bonnie Selinsky Franklin of the Class of ’62 asked that the Board of Directors consider an award for a Hammond Middle School student.  We liked Bonnie’s idea and discussed it with Kris Clark and her team.  I am pleased to tell you that Frank Regan, as president of the association, presented the First Annual FCHHSAA “Spirit Award” to Walid Chaya at the awards ceremony.   Walid was a wonderful choice – his school spirit could match ours anytime!  Frank sat on the stage next to Mickey Moore who presents an award named after her, and the kids thought it was very funny that Frank had walked across the same stage so many years ago – and that Mickey taught him!


Wink Whitehouse – 1959

Wink passed away on May 1 after a courageous battle with cancer, his daughters at his bedside.  Wink’s many friends spanned the years at Hammond.

Katherine 'Keri' Brewer – 1963

Keri, who was known as Kathy in high school, passed away June 18, 2003

Roger Leland Mather – 1964

I recently learned of Roger’s death (almost 10 years ago) from his friend, Russ Gardiner.  Roger, who lived at Virginia Beach, had a rare form of bone cancer and passed away after bone marrow transplant surgery.  In a heartfelt note, Russ said, “Simply walking down the beach with Roger was like strolling the halls of  Hammond 40 years ago.”

Jim Chadbourne –1968

Jim was in an accident over Memorial Day weekend.  The Class of ’68 mourns Jim’s death.  He was a member of their reunion committee, and a good friend to many.


Hammond-GW ’58-’59 – weekend of September 19-21 at the Holiday Inn on First Street in (North) Old Town.

Don’t forget your reservations, and send in your money!  Click here for information, including a list of attendees and the registration form:  http://fchhsaa.com/gh.html

Class of ‘64

Please contact your class representative on the website, Terry Hutto, and make sure she has current information – do not depend on your being in the “found” column - http://fchhs.acps.k12.va.us/n64.html  We need your help!  Please note that the correct email address for your reunion committee contact, Bill Dixon, is HammondClassOf64@yahoo.com   - if you sent email to Bill in the past month using his Yahoo address,  please resend!

IMPORTANT:  Second Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association

When:     Saturday, September 20, 2003
Where:    Francis C. Hammond Middle School Auditorium
Time:      10:00 a.m.

Please support your association by attending – notices will be sent out in August.  We will have a tour of the NEW Hammond, and you won’t believe the changes!

’58 and ’59:  We planned the meeting the weekend of your reunion to make it easier for you to attend.


2006 – the 50th anniversary of the dedication of Hammond – and in recognition and celebration, we are planning the first all high school reunion.  Class representatives are still needed.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Tommy Morris at TomyMorris@msn.com Kassy Benson at fchhsaa@yahoo.com or Jeri Kirby at jkb@shaclaw.com

We are particularly interested in having the reunion chairs assist!

The first meeting of the committee will be held following the alumni association meeting on Saturday, September 20, 2003.

We have representatives from the following years – can you help?

58 -- Ann Smith Hughes
60 -- Betsy Speck Schlesinger
61 -- Dennie Maupin Watson
62 -- Tommy Morris
63 --
64 -- Sandy Rippey
65 -- Jeri Kirby Burke
66 -- Richard Hobbie
67 --
68 --
69 -- Mark D'Allesandro
70 --
71 -- Mary Adams Ashton


John Prather ‘64
Timothy Baylor ‘62
Gale and Larry Jackson (sorry about the spelling in the last newsletter)
Raymond Massey ‘61
Cecily Smith ‘65
Bill Wood ‘66
Ricki Match ‘66
Charlene Rogers
Sidney Long
Emily Stryke Hurlocker
William “Bill” Rodman ‘62
Pat Alexander ‘66
Phoebe Wheeler ‘63
Gary Harrell ‘63
Susan Hood Hagood ‘63
Bob Webb ‘63
Sharon Cunningham ‘63
Barbara Howell ‘63
Agnes Brown ‘63
Gwen Dove ‘63
Bob Cane ‘63
Mike & Pat O'Meara
Phoebe Wheeler
Gary Harrell
Susan Hood Hagood
Bob Webb,
Sharon Cunningham
Barbara Howell
Agnes Brown
Gwen Dove
Bob Cane
Jane Hightower
Tom Church
Bruz Fellenz
Les Brudzinski

Hey folks – check in!  This list is getting too long

Class of ’62 – After more than 6 months in the hospital (yep, that’s 6 months) – Bob Davis is home!!  He isn’t ready for prime time yet, but I know he would love to hear from you.  Grab a card and send it off – if you need his address, please email me.

’62 – Angus Makes it Home

For those of you who followed Angus around the country via the website, he is back in Maine again.

’66 - Phil Bell Back from Iraq

Phil served in Iraq from February 10-July 4, and is home – it is unknown whether he will be going back, but keep him in your thoughts Admirals.

He is with the 304th Military Police Battalion, a US Army Reserve unit from Nashville, Tennessee.  The unit’s wartime mission is to build and manage an enemy prisoner of war compound, however, for this campaign they conducted the customs operations for the entire theatre (Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Quatar) and as such have soldiers deployed over a massive geographic area.

While in Iraq, Phil sent several (very brief!) emails, but I was always thankful to hear from him.

USS Francis Hammond

Ever taken the time to visit the website for the USS Francis Hammond?  I know George Philip ’62 has been onboard; anyone else?


Can We Talk?

We know you like the website, and we know you enjoy the newsletter because some of you write to tell us.  Your alumni association board of directors, class representatives for the website, and the 2006 Reunion Committee spend long hours bringing it all together for you.  However, it is NOT without cost.  Are you doing your part?  Have you joined the alumni association?  It took 30 years to put the association together – don’t let us down.  Click here http://www.hammondhighschool.com print out the application, make out your check for 1, 3 or 5 years and send it in today.  We need your help Admirals.

Sending/receiving Email

AOL users, when sending email to me make sure you copy our previous messages and return with your current message.  For whatever reason, AOL does not return the message – if there is an AOL user who has found out how to set it so that the correspondence is included, please let me know and I’ll include it in the next newsletter.  If this is as clear as mud:  When you write, and I respond, and then you respond again, none of the previous messages are included.   Often, your current messages give me no clue as to what we were discussing, and unfortunately, I more often than not don’t remember (think it has to do with age?).

To all – it would help if you could use “Hammond” in the message title so it doesn’t get lost among the spam.

Please contact  me at:


Tell your siblings about it too.  ’72, ’73 and ’74 also have a place on our website.

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