Hammond Class of '63
Our years from 1959 to 1963
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CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Charles "Chuck" Sterling
FOUND  CLASSMATES: Please forward any NEW information to your Class Rep:
MISSING CLASSMATES: Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding ANY information you may have to your Class Rep:
DEPARTED CLASSMATES: Deceased classmate names and information  should  be verified before submission to tour Class Rep.  and all information must be verified before inclusion on the In Memoriam page.
REUNION COMMITTEE: Not Yet Established
PAST REUNION INFO & PHOTOS: If anyone has any other photos to share, contact your Class Rep:
October 3, 2008 - 5:30 - Capitol City Brewing, October 4 - 6:00pm - Joe Theismann's Restaurant, October 5 - Brunch. Contact Chuck Sterling for additional information.
Please remember to forward any changes or updates of your contact information to your Class Rep:

The bell is from the USS TUNNY,
but the wheel is from the USS PALAU

The History of the '63 Class Gift,
in a letter from Hammond teacher, Mary Alice Fizer
to Arlene Mendelson of the class of '63.

Photo of Wheel & Bell - '63 Class Gift    A left-click on the image will provide an enlarged version for better viewing. Then, in order to RETURN to this page, please left-click the 'BACK BUTTON'.

A letter from a Hammond teacher (Mary Alice Fizer) to a member of the class of '63.  A left-click on the image will provide an enlarged version for better viewing. Then, in order to RETURN to this page, please left-click the 'BACK BUTTON'.
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Listing of Our Found Classmates
Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
Because of privacy concerns, you must contact the class representative for the alumni's address
Below will be a list of classmates for whom we have current addresses. But, this information could change. Please inform us (via e-mail, or telephone) if you have a change or modification of address, telephone number, contact, email address or other pertinent information. Pertinent information includes married name, spouse's name, etc. Additionally, the post office will sometimes change street addresses even if you don't move. Please don't forget to let us know when that happens. Please forward any new information to your Class Rep:
  1. ADAMSON, Frances (Fran) Cerrato
  2. ALLEN, William Reed
  3. ALMIRALL, Alberto Jorge
  4. AMES, Martha Hyde Burgess
  5. ARMSTRONG, Margaret A. (Peggy)
  6. ATON, Teri Adcock
  7. AYNES, James Paul Jr.
  8. BARDEN, Sue Johnson
  9. BARRON, Linda Lou Tarrell
  10. BAUM, Carol Beth Tannenwald
  11. BEARD, Max
  12. BECKWITH, Theodore
  13. BEIGBEDER, Christine Louise Scott
  14. BENZAQUEN, Abraham (Abe)
  15. BLAIR, Kenneth Leroy
  16. BLANKENSHIP, Rickie Dianne Hayter
  17. BLOCH, Minna
  18. BLUMENTHAL, Mike
  19. BOLISH, Michael Warner
  20. BOWDEN, Dennis
  21. BRESNAHAN, Kathleen McGillicuddy
  22. BRICE, Michael Brooks
  23. BROADDUS, Jane Harlow Wihoite
  24. BROWN, Thomas Wolcott
  25. BUCKNER, Holly Witherspoon Salisbury
  26. BURLESON, Richard (Dick) E., Jr.
  27. BUTLER, Robert (Bob) McMaster
  28. CAHILL, Gregory
  29. CARTEN, Elizabeth (Beth) Fanning Sulak
  30. CASEY, Carolyn Jean
  31. CLAUSSEN, Lary Michael
  32. COCKRELL, Franklin Delano
  33. COE, Nancy Carol Bailey
  34. COHEN, Donna Ann Brach
  35. COLBERT, Jerrold Marshall
  36. COLEMAN, Darnell
  37. COLLINS, Kay Sharon
  38. CONTI, Rose Ellen Ray
  39. COOL, Kenneth
  40. CULBERTSON, Richard Nixon, Jr.
  41. CUNNINGHAM, Sharon Krieger
  42. CURRY, Marian Ellen
  43. DAMICO, Joseph Wayne
  44. DENNISTON, Sarita Ruth Carmines
  45. DEWEY, Toni Marie Burnett
  46. DODD, Charles Singleton
  47. DODSON, William E. (Bill)
  48. DONOHOE, Jean Marie Leslie
  49. DORAN, Alberta Ruth Curran
  50. DORNIN, Marie Estelle (Chris) Boskin
  51. DOW, Jane Margaret
  52. DUQUETTE, Mary Jeanne Gorr
  53. EIMSTAD, Henry A.
  54. ELEY, Courtney Somers
  55. EVERTON, Carmen
  56. EWELL,  Gregory Sutton (Greg)
  57. FAULCONER, Diane Burkholder
  58. FEUSAHRENS, Carl Lawrence
  59. FONDA, Dorthy Anne Marsh
  60. FORRESTER, Charles Tucker, III
  61. FOWLER, Ann Henry
  62. FOX, Richard Earl
  63. FRAZIER, William Tyler
  1. FRENER, Carlota
  2. FRIEDBERG, Alan
  3. GAINER, Kathryn Anne  (Kathy) Ballew
  4. GARDNER, Lynn Rebecca Heffron
  5. GAUTHIER, Richard Faison
  6. GAUTHIER, Robert Cantrell
  7. GENTNER, Barbara Jane Romano
  8. GERSTENMEIER, Arnim Ingo
  9. GINTHER, Ann Marie (Nancy) Green
  10. GOODMAN, Teri Ruth Dorfman
  11. GRAHAM, Carol June Oesch
  12. GREENE, Lida Frances
  13. HANCOCK, Janice Elizabeth (J.B.)
  14. HARKESS, Shirley
  15. HARRELD, Diana Lynne Morse
  16. HARRELL, Carol Ellen
  17. HARRIS, Bette Kathryn  Burgdofer
  18. HENRY, Ruth Elaine Turner  
  19. HERRON, Barbara Jolin McWilliams
  20. HEWETT, Susan Kreamer
  21. HODGE, Susan Irene Shattuck
  22. HODGKINS, Donna Elizabeth Berardo
  23. HOOD, Susan Marie Tanfield
  24. HOWELL, Barbara Daugherty
  25. HUGHES, Gloria Beall Williams
  26. HULCHER, Donald Ellett
  27. IMLAY, Sandra (Sandy)
  28. JEBO, Jerry Kenneth
  29. JENSEN, Christie Long
  30. JOHNSON, Berendt
  31. JOHNSON, Brenda Carol Gallagher
  32. KANE, Robert W., Jr.
  33. KENNEDY, Robin Ellen Babb
  34. KEMP, William Stanley
  35. KING, Margaret
  36. KING, Ollie Verna Jean
  37. KINNARD, Pamela Misener
  38. KNIGHT, John Lewis
  39. LAW, LuAlice Wren
  40. LECHTUR, Rosalie Shirley
  41. LENNHOFF, Anne Cecilia Dodd
  42. LEVERENZ, Elaine Kae Hoover
  43. LIST, Margaret Ann Karanjai
  44. LOCHER, Barbara Ann Wilson
  45. MALCOLM, Joan Virginia
  46. MALLIS, George Theodore
  47. MARSH, Randy
  48. McCLARY, Jackie Gombar
  49. McHARGUE, William Ray (Bill)
  50. MEEKS, Meredith Bolles
  51. MENDELSON, Arlene
  52. MERCER, James Leslie
  53. MILLER, Barbara Hartzell
  54. MOLTZ, Charles (Chuck)
  55. MONDER, Steven Irwin
  56. NAHAS, Albert Jack
  57. NELSON, Susan Mardula
  58. NEWBERGER, Barry Stephen
  59. NEWMAN, Linda Albright
  60. NORFORD, David Archie
  61. NORRIS, Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson
  62. O’NEILL, Robert Anthony
  63. OMOHUNDRO, Alice K.
  1. PALUMBO, Rosalie Doreen
  2. PARKER, Sophie Victoria Giles
  3. PFEIFFER, Robert Merrill
  4. PICKETT, Gary C.
  5. PISKUR, Stephen, Jr.
  6. PLYBON, Roberta Saunders
  7. POOLE, Carol Dee Rose
  8. POPPENDIECK, Janet Elizabeth
  9. PORETZ, Douglas Harvey
  10. QUANSTROM, Dana Stephen
  11. RAINWATER, Kathleen Marie (Kathi) Snow
  12. RAMSING, Eric Utke
  13. RICHARD, Ronnie Harper
  14. ROBERTS, Gaylen Louise Rinaudot
  15. ROSE, Jacqueline (Jackie) Fulks
  16. ROZAMUS, Cynthia Jeanne
  17. SAUNDERS, James Bernard, Jr.
  18. SCHILTZ, Suzanne Carol
  19. SCHUMACHER, Edgar, Jr.
  20. SELCKE, Brigitte Monique Tournier 
  21. SHIELDS, William Gilbert (Bill)
  22. SILLS, Katherine Susan
  23. SMITH, Mary Ellen Haskins
  24. SONENSHEIN, William Baker (Bill)
  25. SPAHR, Sue Hodges
  26. SPARKMAN, Pamela Kendrick
  27. SPECK, David G
  28. SPENGLER, John Dewhurst
  29. SPRINGER, Roberta M. Towers
  30. STEARNS, Theodore Henry, Jr.
  31. STEIN, Philip Allan
  32. STERLING, Charles Richard
  33. STRYKE, Emily Hurlocker
  34. SUMPTION, Cheryl Snyder
  35. SUTTON, Carole
  36. TAPPIN, John Robert
  37. TATE, John F.
  38. TEASLEY, Terry Ann McHan
  39. THORNE, Wesley (Wes) Harris
  40. TITUS, Frederick Vaughn (Rick)
  41. TOOTHMAN, Nancy Cheryl
  42. TOUART, Clinton Arnold
  43. TRACY, Anne Marie Ward
  44. TUCK, Joe Ann Hoffman
  45. VAN LEAR, Patricia Veasey
  46. WALDEN, Stuart Sydnor, Jr.
  47. WALDRON, Sandra Jo Dubin
  48. WALSTROM, Charles
  49. WARTENBERG, Thomas Edward
  50. WEBB, Robert Thomson (Bob)
  51. WHEELER, James Franklin
  52. WHEELER, Phoebe Ann Wiley
  53. WHITMORE, Carol Lee Harreld
  54. WIENGEN, Andrea Baker
  55. WIITTMANN, Robert
  56. WILLIAMS, Dianne Fell
  57. WILLIS, Barbara Jo Hultberg
  58. WILSON, Carolina MacKay
  59. WINTERMEYER, James Edward (Jim)
  60. YACHECHKO, Thomas Alec
  61. ZUCK, Francia Lee Malone

Listing of Our Missing Classmates
Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
Below will be a list of classmates for whom we do not have current addresses.  If you have addresses for any of them or any information which we can use to try to locate them, please let us know (via e-mail, or telephone) . This information might include an email address, married name, spouse's name, college attended, names of relatives (siblings, parents, cousins, etc. and classes if they went to GW or Hammond), employer, last address, etc. Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding any information you have to your Class Rep:
  1. ADAMS, John Donald
  2. ALEXANDER, Michael Stephen
  3. ANGSTADT, Sharon Lee
  4. ARMIGER, Gayle Briar
  5. ASHENDEN, Alice Veronica
  6. AVERY, George Michael
  7. BAKER, Mary Hunter
  8. BALLA, DonnaLee
  9. BEESON, Stephen L.
  10. BENGE, Linda Esther
  11. BIGELOW, Robert Don
  12. BIOSSAT, Susan
  13. BLANK, Carol Ann
  14. BLASER, Linda Edith Baroody
  15. BOUTELLE, Virginia Frances
  16. BOYD, James Patrick
  17. BROENNER, Patricia Ann
  18. BROWN, Agnese Sue
  19. BROWN, Rosemary Prescott
  20. BRYAN, John Marshall
  21. BUNCE, Peter William
  22. BURGENI, Robert
  23. BURT, Clare Ann
  24. BUTT, Elizabeth Ann
  25. CARROLL, John Robert
  26. CHAMBERLAIN, Robert Stoner
  27. CLARK, Margarit Elizabeth Ann
  28. COGSWELL, Alice Dare
  29. CORRO, Yolanda B.
  30. CRAGG, Carol Dean
  31. DARBY, Danny Lee
  32. DAVENPORT, Carol Oliver
  33. DeRUSHA, Susan Breata
  34. DONLEY, Patricia
  35. DOUGLASS, Edward Joe, III
  36. DUCLAYAN, Patricia Ann
  37. DYE, Craig Wolcott
  38. EDWARDS, Charles Addison
  39. EDWARDS, Susan Joan
  40. ESTES, Patricia Louise
  41. FAHLBUSCH, Charles Melvin
  42. FEAGANES, John Creighton
  43. FISHER, Nancy Carol
  44. FORTUNE, Carolyn Mae
  45. FRANCO, John Andrew
  46. GENTRY, William Dean
  47. GILLIE, Suzanne Page
  48. GOODE, Stephen Alan
  49. GOODMAN, Stephen Alan
  1. GORDON, Peggie Jean
  2. GRANT, Judith Lee
  3. GREENWALD, Carl Frederic
  4. GUILEY, Dennis William
  5. HALE, Anne
  6. HAMMERSTONE, James Edward, Jr.
  7. HARDY, David Edward
  8. HARROLD, Gary Sherwood
  9. HERRING, George William, Jr.
  10. HILTS, Edward Clayton
  11. HOLCOMB, Jane Elizabeth
  12. HOPPE, Gwendolyn Anita
  13. HORNER, Thomas Wayne
  14. HORTON, Linda Jean
  15. HOUSER, Sharon Lee
  16. HOWLAND, William Frank, Jr.
  17. HUFFMAN, Esther Mae
  18. INGRAM, David Allen
  19. JARED, James Parlow, Jr.
  20. JAYSON, Jan Carol
  21. JENKINS, John Wood
  22. JEWELL, Charles B. III
  23. JOHNSON, Edith Sheron
  24. JOHNSON, Sheryn Aelise
  25. KEPNER, Diane Kathrine
  26. LANDES, Sandra Deane
  27. LANG, Janice Marie
  28. LERCH, Shirley Jane
  29. LODOEN, Patricia Synnove
  30. LOGSDON, Michael Stone
  31. LOWE, Mary Spalding
  32. LUCAS, James, III
  33. LUDLOW, Karen Elaine Abdoo
  34. LUCAS, William Darryll
  35. MacRAE, Suzanne
  36. MARCY, Steven Kent
  37. MATTESON, Jon Charles
  38. MAYNARD, Sharon Kay
  39. McCARTNEY, Adrienne Nelson Brown
  40. McHUGH, Patricia Ann
  41. McMICHAEL, William James
  42. McMULLAN, Kenneth Evans
  43. McPHERSON, Patricia Jean
  44. McQUOWN, Jeffrey John
  45. McSHANE, Maryann Denise
  46. MEISKY, David Paul
  47. MILLER, Donald Gary
  48. MILLER, Gloria Diane
  49. MILLER, Norman Wayne
  1. MOONEY, Gloria
  2. MORGAN, J. Jefferson, Ill
  3. MORGAN, Mary Carolyn
  4. NEGRIN, Ernesto
  5. NEUENDORFFER, Arthur Carl
  6. NORMAN, Sylvia Jean
  7. OGDEN, Gerald Alan
  8. OLSEN, Caralie Bea
  9. OWENS, David Lee
  10. PARKER, Nigel John
  11. PETER, Kanan
  12. POLLARD, Margaret Anne
  13. PULLEN, Joseph B., Jr.
  14. RANKIN, William Henry
  15. RAGLAND, James
  16. RICH, Lewis David
  17. RICHARDSON, Sarah Randall
  18. RIGG, James
  19. ROGERS, Ann Hadwen
  20. ROSE, Alvin
  21. ROSSER, Thomas Jerome
  22. ROUSH, David Adam
  23. RUDOLPH, Catherine Lucille
  24. RUSSELL, Francine
  25. RUTHERFORD, David
  26. SANGER, Janice Marie
  27. SCHREMP, James Francis
  28. SCHULZ, Richard Anthony
  29. SEROSKIE, James Michael
  30. SHOOK, James Geddes
  31. SMITH, Robert William
  32. STOW, Donald H.
  33. SYKES, Leroy
  34. TEFFT, Carolyn Edith Lodzieski
  35. THEIS, Robert Frederick
  36. TORINA, Mary Helen
  37. TROXLER, Marie Elena
  38. VARALLO, Elaine Delores
  39. WALBURN, Ronald Dean
  40. WATKINS, Alva Robert
  41. WELCH, Janet Kathryn
  42. WHARTON, Barbara Joan
  43. WHITE, Ruthannette
  44. WILLIAMS, George Blackstone
  45. WOOD, Katherine Lee
  46. WOODWARD, Allen Franklin
  47. WORKMAN, Ronald William
  48. WRAY, Edwin Anthony


Sarah Virginia (Shelley) ANGELL
Ann Christine
Katherine "Keri" (Kathy) BREWER
Carolyn Van Duyn CLARK  Cotter
Kirk Allan CROMAR
Robert Anthony DAILEY

Barbara Ann DAVIS Scharch
Sharron Lee DEEM Hewing

Georgeann Elizabeth FATH
Melvin Randolph GRAY, Jr.
John Robert HAGOOD
Richard (Rick) Hall HAMMERSTONE
Corson Landrum HILTON, III
Jon Michael HYNSON
Robert Magaw ISELEY
David Hugh KRAUSE
John Slater LAMOND
Douglas McCandish LAWSON

Joseph Michael LAWTER
Barbara Ellen MARKS
 Carolyn Elizabeth NORWOOD

Jerry Lynn ROLLINS Roberts
Marilou SHAMES Giaofci
George Kunkel SYKES
James Homer TAYLOR
James Robert (Bob) THOMPSON
Peter Michael VOLKMAN
Patricia Ann WEAVER Mecaughey

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