Hammond Class of '58
Our years from 1953 to 1958
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FOUND  CLASSMATES: Please forward any NEW information to your Class Rep:
MISSING CLASSMATES: Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding ANY information you may have to your Class Rep:
DEPARTED CLASSMATES: Deceased classmate names and information  should  be verified before submission to tour Class Rep.  and all information must be verified before inclusion on the In Memoriam page.
Ann SMITH Hughes , Mary Ann SILLS Marks , Pete Stegner , Frank Regan , Linda A. JOHNSON
PAST REUNION INFO & PHOTOS: If anyone has any other photos to share, contact your Class Rep:

 '58-'59 HAMMOND/GW
2008 Reunion Photos
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The big weekend was October 3, 4, and 5, 2008  for the Classes of ’58 and ’59. We joined with GW classes of ’58 and ’59 for a gala 50th class reunion at the Holiday Inn at First St. in Alexandria!
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'58-'59 HAMMOND/GW
2003 Reunion Photos

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The 2003 reunion was held September 2003 with the classes of ‘58 and ‘59 from GWHS & Hammond, the only two classes that started together with our eighth grade at Jefferson School and freshman year at GWHS and graduated from two schools. It was hard to determine who graduated from which school or whether they were class of ‘58 or ‘59 since we all attended school at the same time. Those from our class had a great time.  The '59 reunion committee worked closely with the Hammond '58 reunion committee as there was a joint reunion with Hammond '58 and '59 and GW '58 and '59 on September 19-21, 2003.  

Listing of Our Found Classmates
Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
Because of privacy concerns, you must contact the class representative for the alumni's address
Below will be a list of classmates for whom we have current addresses. But, this information could change. Please inform us (via e-mail, or telephone) if you have a change or modification of address, telephone number, contact, email address or other pertinent information. Pertinent information includes married name, spouse's name, etc. Additionally, the post office will sometimes change street addresses even if you don't move. Please don't forget to let us know when that happens. Please forward any new information to your Class Rep:
  1. Absalom, John Howard
  2. Anderson, Thomas (Tommy) Nash Fairweather
  3. Anthis, Penelope (Penny) Wymer
  4. Armstrong, Marcia May Scholl
  5. Beales, James (Jimmy) Baxter
  6. Benson, Henry (Hank) K
  7. Boswell, Carol Ann
  8. Brennan, Bernadine (Dean) Patak
  9. Broaddus, Anne Terrell Cullison
  10. Brokaw, Milton J
  11. Burch, Leo Lawrence
  12. Burke, James (Mike) Michael
  13. Burstein, Stephen (Steve) Milton
  14. Carman, Nancy Ann McCabe
  15. Cheek, Nancy Ann Mitchell
  16. Christian, Kay Brewer
  17. Clever, Donald (Don) Goodhart
  18. Collins, Leonard Dimond
  19. Cooper, Lynn Cynthia Pease Keffer
  20. Copeland, Laura Lou Colbert
  21. Craun, Mary Maree
  22. Custis, Rufus Parke
  23. Davidson, Norma Jean Moss
  24. DeLancey, Helen Kerlin
  25. Devine, Joseph (Joe) Aloysius
  26. Dodge, William (Bill) Roseberry
  27. Dogan, Virginia Lynn Lukasik
  28. Drewry, Patricia (Pat) Drewry Sanger
  29. Duke, Jo Anna
  30. Dupree, Edwin Darius
  31. Durand, Carole Durand LeFevre
  32. Edrington, Frank Roberts
  33. Edwards, Paul Dwight
  34. Evans, Gregory (Gregg) Ulrich
  35. Ferenbaugh, Roger Willis
  36. Fraser, Donn Gordon
  37. Garilli, Theresa Marie Tacang
  38. Garlock, Kay Croft
  39. Gasser, Rudolph Joseph (Rudy)
  40. Gimber, Diane Elizabeth
  1. Glover, Raymond
  2. Green, Andrew Thomas
  3. Gregg, Andrea Gregg Couvillon
  4. Harrington, Betty Griffith
  5. Harris, Jean Tylee
  6. Hartel, Mary Adelaide Domal
  7. Hearn, Linda Lee Bobb
  8. Hertig, Damon Morris
  9. Hill, Margaret (Peggy) Kirven Brown
  10. Hillyard, Frances Jane Cowles
  11. Hillyard, Frederick (Fred) James
  12. Horne, Linda Lenore Clark
  13. Hufford, Irvin Meade
  14. Hume, Barbara Jean
  15. Jacobs, Wanda
  16. Jarboe, George Evans
  17. Johnson, Linda Ann
  18. Kinsey, James (Jim) Raymond
  19. Lacy, Mable W
  20. Langford, Rosalie Virginia Gasser
  21. Kneeland, Nancy Lou Brazinski
  22. Lantz, Jack
  23. Lawson, Jane Hall
  24. Lewis, Robert D
  25. Livingston, Mary Stuyvesant Petersen
  26. Lloyd, Fontaine Moncure Nimmo
  27. Love, Janet Elizabeth
  28. Lubig, Adelaide Mary Johnson
  29. Lyon, Sharon Jane Gugat
  30. Mabry, George Emmett
  31. Marks, Frederick Richard
  32. Marshall, Thomas (Tom) Corbett
  33. Mason, David Lewis
  34. Matthews, Kay Llewellyn Mays
  35. Mercer, Thomas (Tom) Alexander
  36. Metzgar, John Michael
  37. Milam, Patsy Conner
  38. Mitchell, Robert (Bob) Theodore
  39. Moore, Douglas G
  40. Nelson, Gene Raymond
  1. Oakes, Joyce Flynn
  2. Paige, Mary Ellen Marquand
  3. Pease, Marcella O'Connor
  4. Peck, Gaillard Ray
  5. Pedone, Paul Matthew
  6. Peterson, Roger Eugene
  7. Poretz, Donald (Don) Martin
  8. Porter, Charles (Stu) Stewart
  9. Pritchard, Robert (Bob) Thomas
  10. Pryor, Brantley (Bucky) Martin
  11. Puckett, Mary Jack (Jackie) Johnson
  12. Rand, Nancy Reid
  13. Rannells, Edward (Ned) Warder
  14. Reeves, Barbara Ann Hauley
  15. Reeves, Raymond Judson
  16. Regan, Franklyn (Frank) Douglas
  17. Rind, Robert (Bob) Grierson
  18. Riscigno, Nick Vincent
  19. Rothrock, Evelyn Carol
  20. Saffelle, Milton (Milt) Franklin
  21. Sanger, Kenneth (Ken) Tisdale
  22. Schmidt, Julia (Julie) Broadus Engelsberg
  23. Scott, Ellett (Tom) Walter
  24. Sell, Russell Leroy
  25. Shaw, Dorothy (Dottie) Carol
  26. Short, Alexander (Sandy) Campbell
  27. Showers, Myles Joseph
  28. Shuler, William (Bill) Beeuwkes
  29. Sills, Mary Ann Marks
  30. Smith, Dorothy Ann Hughes
  31. Stegner, Peter (Pete) Lewis
  32. Stirling, Susan (Sue) Elizabeth Walker
  33. Tapscott, Carolyn (Carol) Shaffer
  34. Thorpe, Irene Louise Swaim
  35. Turner, James Andrew
  36. Waddell, Linda Lee Dalkin
  37. Walker, Carole Cecile
  38. Waugh, Richard Gordon, Jr.
  39. Woods, Thomas (Tom) E

Listing of Our Missing Classmates
Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
Below will be a list of classmates for whom we do not have current addresses.  If you have addresses for any of them or any information which we can use to try to locate them, please let us know (via e-mail, or telephone) . This information might include an email address, married name, spouse's name, college attended, names of relatives (siblings, parents, cousins, etc. and classes if they went to GW or Hammond), employer, last address, etc. Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding any information you have to your Class Rep:
  1. Clark, Judith
  2. Clark, Linda Jean Long
  3. Conn, Peter
  4. Davis, Alison Katherine
  5. Deevy, Carolyn
  6. Dodd, Mary
  7. Gardner, Nancy
  8. Gumm, Marcia Sue
  9. Herries, Isabel
  1. Herrington, Sheeryl Jo
  2. Johnson, Veronica M
  3. Kirkman, Dorothy Jean
  4. Lawler, Barbara McDonough
  5. Lawrence, Thomas Edward
  6. Loftus, Robert (Bob)
  7. Major, Julia Deaven
  8. Maness, Sandra Kay
  9. McDonnell, Mary Hope
  1. Mebus, Jeannie Kay
  2. Pethtal, Janet Ann
  3. Pierce, Norman John
  4. Reed, Janet
  5. Shutt, Helen Carol
  6. Sullivan, Shelby North
  7. Taylor, Barbara Ann
  8. Wood, Ralph Ernest
  9. Zimmerman, Don Z 


Barbara BALLARD Gilligan
Sandra Ann BARDEN
Kay Lynn BLACK
Richard Lloyd BLACKWELL
Sarah (Sally) Heard CARABALLO Camors
James Alford CLARK

Carlton (Buddy) Lambert CRIMES
Beverly ESTEP Harrison
Diane Montgomery FLETCHER Beamer
Charles Edgar GROVER
David William JACOBSON
Gary Curtis LYMAN
Gayle McCAFFERY Jackson

Ruth Ann ROGERS Kelly
Joseph Krahe SAUNDERS
Franklin (Frank) Homer SILCOX
I’Leta Rose SYKES Hankley
Anne Elizabeth TINDULA Clewell
Ellen Elizabeth WILSON Amos

Jou (JouAnn) WOOD Le

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