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The History of the Admirals!
Do You Remember? -  1971 Senior Class History
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1971 Class History
Jon Safren
Larry Olsen
Steve McClure
David Nelson
Leslie Swavely

1971 -- a class like any other class, with memories built on situations uniquely your own…the first to graduate from John Adams. As Freshmen, getting acquainted with a new principal, learning all of the traditions that had not been introduced the previous year…the Freshman “Thing”…and the last winning basketball game for a long time. 

Sophomores…gaining class identity and personal identity through journals and “The Great American Novel”. Glassy-eyed Juniors exemplifying not only a 10-1 football District championship, but also that many contracts had been written only the night before…a year of new things…class rings, legalization of fraternities, a juke box, team teaching, a picnic at Great Falls instead of a Prom. Seniors…becoming aware of the oddities of growing up…that Seniors aren’t so very mature…that colleges require a lot of paper work…that the actions of a few reflect on the majority…and that honesty sometimes has its drawbacks. 1971 - a class, and a year, to be remembered. 


TRYOUTS…PLANS…CONFUSION. One week’s culmination of practice results in annual display of talent. Uninhibited performers and an appreciative audience enhance the show and set the mood for Christmas vacation. The older but wiser (?) rejoice in a day overflowing with laughter and celebration. Atmosphere lifted by wails of “Jail House Rock,” peacocks with diapers and little men on tricycles…professionally done by ‘71.

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