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The History of the Admirals!
Do You Remember? -  1969 Senior Class History
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1969 Class History
Bill Richeson, President
Rich Werber, Vice-President
Joyce Whitlock, Secretary
Carlton Howard, Treasurer

With identical twins for 2 top frosh class officers…precedent for uniqueness established. Bell recaptured and frosh team beat T.C. Enjoying the attentions of the last Big Brother and Sister aid program. Moving up, beat T.C. again and then cheers as Soph athletes played Varsity basketball…first Bermuda Day in a last ditch effort to save AFS program…failure. Sophomore bake sale best yet, Junior privileges and fun…exact tie for president made a re-vote necessary. The first Junior Class Fair… imaginative, fun and profitable. Junior-Senior Prom guided alone oriental lines. At last, ‘68-‘69. Hard work on summer projects…unusual ideas and much time…the richest class yet. Using the Senior Lounge…flashing class cards. Route ‘69…Senior Day.The Senior Prom…an elegant dinner-dance. Graduation…and tomorrow. 


Required attendance (ugh) at first two classes giving way to the hilarity of the talent show. Superlatives finally divulged. Route ‘69 culmination of 1 week’s practice. Later, a slightly delayed sockhop, complete with refreshments. With her carnations, Mrs. Powers smiles. 


A continuous body…linked to the old Junior Board by a summer projects group…highly successful car washes and paper drives. Persistent energy and ingenuity…characterizes ideas from homerooms. Partial parliamentary procedure and non-interference program by sponsor, Mrs. Powers…class officers guide discussion on the Prom and location, the class gift, Senior Day.Senior Spirit: “’69 was mighty fine.”
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