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The History of the Admirals!
Do You Remember? -  1968 Senior Class History
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1968 Class History
Nick Zubyk, President
Chip Mitchell, Vice President
Alex Scourby, Treasurer
Debbie Weber, Secretar

September 9, 1964...1:30 in the afternoon, 1968 Seniors started their frosh year. The year of 2,700 pupils...twice the school’s capacity. The sophomore year...about one-half of the class left for the newly-built T.C. Willliams. The traditional Sophomore Food Drive and bake sale accomplished. The Bell of Supremacy RECAPTURED. Junior year...Class cards with gold bells and ship’s wheels. Traditional class rings, a bake sale, and The Junior-Faculty Show. Folding tissue paper, white and pastel-colored, green, blue, and pink, flowers and flowers and FLOWERS for the Junior-Senior Prom. THE senior YEAR PRIVILEGES...$5.00 for a class card, “Underclassmen! Off the Senior Walk!” NEW privileges...A CARPETED senior lounge and mid-terms with NO FINALS. Exhausted Ecstatic Satisfied Searching as TODAY merges silently into TOMORROW...

The day before Christmas vacation, the Culmination of weeks of planning and a Frantic week of practice, worry, anticipation. ..”Be-in” a great success! Pulsating electric lights, flowers, soul...Yes, this is today!Superlatives announced between acts. ‘67 alumni invited to attend day’s activities...Old times, new times, now, next year...Senior Day 
1968 NOW...HISTORY. 
8:15 THURSDAY MORNING...class president Nick Zubyk pounds his gavel for quiet. Representatives and alternates selected from the thirteen homerooms come to order. ORGANIZING the Senior Talent Show and developing its theme. DECIDING what refreshments each homeroom would bring on Senior Day. Each representative given thirty-five tickets to sell. A booth for the Junior Fair...ESTABLISHED committees; Voting on speakers for graduation...Stewart Udall, Kenneth Galbraith, Doctor Upton; VOTING on ministers to deliver the invocation and benediction...Father Martin, Reverend McGhee, Rabbi Frank; COLLECTING donations for furniture, lamps and plants for the Senior Lounge.SECURING the Mystic Knights for the Senior Prom. The class gift...finally agreed upon! Under the direction of Mrs. Powers. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED 
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