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Do You Remember? -  1967 Senior Class History
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1967 Class History
Marty Strauss, President
Forrest Waller, Vice-President
Nancye Caskey, Secretary
Terry Jo Reed, Treasurer

Ingenious and unique are the words most applicable to the Class of 1967. A Barber Shop Quartet was the principal event on the calendar as it became the first Freshman Class to initiate a fund raising activity. In ‘65 the Class proficiently produced the most successful Valentine Dance ever sponsored by a sophomore class.Not all was for fun and profit, however, as the industrious sophomores conducted the traditional Thanksgiving Food Drive.

As Juniors, they were not fully cognizant of their upperclass status until the advent of the rings and class cards. College Boards subjected students to strenuous mental activity, and many Juniors begin giving serious thought to the selection of colleges. The distinguishing mark of the Junior year was the unprecedented Junior-Faculty Assembly, a lucrative success typifying the pioneer spirit of the ‘67 Seniors.

Camels and Arabs bedecked with jewels temporarily established residence in the gym for the Junior-Senior Prom. The orchestra was tented in an ornamental parachute; the band found itself implanted in a desert oasis, flanked by live palms. Acclaimed by many as “the most beautiful prom yet,” the Junior-Senior Prom was a fitting example of the ingenuity of the Class.

The reputation of innovation was justified by the reformed election procedures instituted to insure a more well-informed electorate. For the first time Senior officer candidates were required to deliver a concise speech to the members of the class.

The football team defeated its cross-town rival in a repeat performance of 20-0 to maintain possession of the coveted “Bell of Supremacy.” The Senior Section at the 1966 Homecoming Dance was exceptionally exuberant as a result of our team’s triumph over Groveton.

There was speculation when half of the Class of ‘67 was the first to be transferred to T.C., that little could be expected of its remaining members. Contrary to such opinions, the Class contained individuals who excelled in drama, athletics, and music. Proficiency in the academic subjects was evidenced by the illustrious “It’s Academic” Team.

The Seniors did not escape the contagion of “spring fever” as the end of high school drew near, bringing with it an ineffable elation. For a final first, the 1967 Seniors joined in Baccalaureate services with T.C. and G.W. Impending graduation evoked effusive sentiments of stunned disbelief and nostalgia. If past performances are indicative of future potential, the ‘67 Seniors will assuredly surpass their successes at Hammond.

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