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Do You Remember? -  1965 Senior Class History
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1965 Class History
Robert Rixie, President 
David Barrett, Vice-President 
Kathy Gikas, Secretary 
Mary Ames, Treasurer

The school year of 1960-61 was a year filled with firsts. It was the year in which Mr. H. Alton McKann allowed the school to have its first homecoming bonfire which perhaps inspired the Admirals to win the homecoming game for the first time in the school history. It was also the first year for the Class of 1965, a large enthusiastic group preparing to take on the challenge of the next five years. 
In September of 1961, Hammond greeted a new assistant principal, Mr. John D. Murdaugh. In this year, the Varsity Basketball team went to the State Basketball Tournament in which they lost a heartbreaking game in the first round. 
During the 1962-63 school year, Hammond continued her usual activities but something was missing; the Bell of Supremacy which had stood in the front office for three and a half years as a symbol of Hammond's football supremacy over G.W. was gone. That year, Hammond welcomed her first foreign exchange student, Minna Bloc. The class of 1965 made their first contributions to the school as a class by sponsoring a Thanksgiving food drive and a spring dance, for which the theme was Sophomore Showboat.
The challenge of leadership awaited the Juniors when they returned to Hammond in September, 1963. Class cards and the Junior-Faculty game were the successful fund-raising activities of the year and the Junior-Senior Prom was its climax. For Hammond, as a whole, the year was marred by the stealing of the bell and the painting of the anchor. But it was not all bad; there were Hammond's second foreign exchange student, Brigitte Turel, the State Champion cross country team; and the crew's National Champion senior eight. 
In 1964, Hammond received a new assistant principal, Mr. James O. Mays, who despite his new position was not new to Hammond. He had taught in Hammond's Athletic Department, and the preceding year had worked in Guidance. Hammond also had two foreign exchange students this year, Frank Dijkman from Holland and Made Monroy from Spain. Class spirit ran high as the seniors started the year's activities with the sale of Class cards. Their zeal continued through the year with Senior Day, the Senior Talent show, the Senior Prom, the class gift, and finally graduation. 
After five years, the Class of 1965 found it hard to leave Hammond, but the thought remained, "The past is prologue." 
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