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Do You Remember? -  1964 Senior Class History
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1964 Class History
Tack Nix, President
Will Fugate, Vice President
Sally Aylesworth, Secretary
Scott Carson. Treasurer

The members of the class of 1964 had long awaited the day they would enter Hammond. Most of the class attended area grade schools and were familiar with Hammond and many of its activities, but the jump from elementary to high school was a big one. Being the youngest of five classes was not easy; and as eight graders, the students spent much of their time becoming adjusted to the new life; changing classes, football games, dances, and club activities. Several boys were on the freshman teams, and in the spring two girls were chosen to be cheerleaders. 

When the class returned to Hammond as freshmen, they continued to work at making themselves a part of the school. The frosh football team had a great season with no losses and only one tie. Freshmen on other teams contributed a great deal to Hammondís success in sports, too. During the week before Christmas, the class sponsored a toy Dance during an activity period.In the spring, cheerleading tryouts were held, and the class was represented on both new squads. 
The sophomore year marked the mid-point of high school life for the Class of 1964. The students engaged in many activities and sponsored a food drive during the fall. The Junior Varsity football team had a spectacular no-loss record with only one touchdown scored against them. The Junior Varsity basketball team also had a winning season, and sophomores helped the winter track team to a third place in the state meet. One of the highlights of the year was Club Bohemia, a dance sponsored by the class in the spring.The year ended with great anticipation for the junior year. 

As juniors, the members of the class earned the title of upperclassmen. In the fall, over 80 per cent of the class bought class cards. Many of the boys participated in Varsity athletics for the first time. The football team had a season of six wins and four losses. The winter track team again placed third in the state meet and second in Northern Virginia. Boys from the class were also active in basketball and crew. Class rings arrived in December causing great excitement. Another event of the Christmas season was the Yuletide Garland Party. In February there was the Junior-Faculty basketball game, which helped raise funds for the Junior-Senior Prom in May. For the prom, the gym was beautifully decorated using a carnival as the theme. 

When the long awaited senior year finally came, the class wads the largest one to date, and it set a record in the sale of class cards. Hammondís second foreign exchange student, Brigitte Turel, was a member of the class. Senior Day was held on the Friday before Christmas vacation and was one of the major events of the year. During the early months of the school year, members of the Senior Class were busy applying to colleges; and College Boards were taken in December and January. In February, the class held a talent show during an activity period. One of the most outstanding activities of the year was the Senior Class Trip to New York in March. The last months of the school year were spent in preparation for the Senior Prom and graduation in June. The Class of 1964 was eager to move on to higher goals, but there was a strong feeling of wanting to cling to the past and the wonderful memories it held.

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