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Do You Remember? -  1963 Senior Class History
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1963 Class History
Kirk Cromar, President
Robert O’Neill, Vice President
Linda Benge, Secretary
Linda Blaser, Treasurer

On the first day of school four years ago, a new freshman class entered Hammond. High school was intriguing, but sometimes frightening to the inexperienced freshmen. Most of them coming straight from Jefferson School, where they had attended the eighth grade, encountered such activities as dances, class and club meetings, the election of officers, and team competition. All freshmen were required to take civics, which proved a valuable course. The frosh football team had a record of two wins, three losses, and one tie; the basketball team had nine victories and four defeats. Several boys ran winter track and rowed crew. Some girls were in the Admiralettes, a group that appeared in the Sports Carnival and the 1960 Crew Follies. At Christmas, the class sponsored a toy Dance after school. In the spring, cheerleading tryouts were held, and a majority of the new Junior Varsity squad were freshmen; the class was represented on the Varsity group, too. The year ended with the first exams taken by the freshmen. 

The sophomore year saw the completion of orientation into high school life as members of the class became involved in more activities. Sophomores struggled with the study of Julius Caesar and Silas Marner. They held a Toy Hop during an activity period before Christmas.The Junior Varsity football team beat G.W. by one point at the climax of its season; and the J.V. basketball squad, which had several sophomores as members, won the Northern Virginia championship. Other boys participated in crew and winter, sprint and cross country track. As many reached the age of fifteen, they received their automobile licenses. In May four girls were chosen Varsity cheerleaders, and five were chosen Junior Varsity cheerleaders. In June, 1961, the sophomores finished one-half of their high school career. 
The new juniors finally earned the title of upperclassmen with the purchase of their class cards.Many boys competed in varsity sports. They helped the winter t rack team to third place in the state track meet. Other classmates aided the debate team in its outstanding season. Probably the most unforgettable day of the year was the day class rings arrived.February brought the traditional Junior-Faculty game, played to raise funds for the Junior-Senior Prom, the social highlight of the year. In the spring representatives to Girls’ and Boys’ State and members of the Senior Book club and the National Honor society were announced. With the close of school began the anticipation of the senior year. 

The Senior Class, with 340 members, was the largest to date. The class enjoyed its senior privileges, and added a new one - the use of the library during activity periods. Sale of class cards reached about 90 per cent, an enviable record for so large a class. Senior girls composed the entire squad of Varsity cheerleaders. The Varsity football team had a season of six wins and four losses. Senior boys provided able leadership for the basketball team, track teams, and crew, too. The class was proud to have Hammond’s first foreign exchange student as a member, especially when she was crowned Homecoming Queen. College Boards were taken in December, and applications to colleges were completed. Senior day, held the first Friday after Christmas vacation, was enjoyed by all students, particularly the seniors. The class replaced the Senior Play with a Talent Show given during an activity period in February. The next month, a majority of the class journeyed to New York for the Senior Class Trip. Also in March many seniors were notified of their acceptance to a college of their choice. Baccalaureate, exams, the prom, report cards, and finally commencement marked the graduation of the Class of 1963. With a smile for the past, the seniors looked toward the future with the hope they would meet again. 

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