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Do You Remember? -  1962 Senior Class History
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1962 Class History
Rick Dodge, President
Cliff Johnson, Vice President
Betty Cornell, Secretary
Nancy Aylesworth, Treasurer

During the past year the anchor, given to Hammond by the 1961 graduating class, has graced our center court.It has stood as a symbol to anchor the great Hammond ship carrying our unsinkable spirit, ability, and leadership. To Hammond, the anchor will always represent the feeling of security and the will to sail a straight course toward a greater Hammond. As we have passed through the courtyard we have looked at the anchor and have been reminded that it serves as a symbol of our school’s great heritage and the high goals and accomplishments held steadfast by the true anchor of Hammond—the student body. 

When we, the class of 1962, entered Hammond as lowly freshmen we were confronted with the tremendous challenge that lay ahead. We set out to establish ourselves as an outstanding class realizing that we had a lot of work and growing to do. One of our first projects was a freshman variety show, which proved quite amusing and entertaining to the upperclassmen, who walked so slowly, made it to their classes on time. 

We remained active during our sophomore year, as we became better acquainted with our school and were able to participate in more clubs and activities. Some of us were chosen cheerleaders, many more participated in the Sports Carnival, while others were active on J.V. teams. An outstanding few were selected for membership in the National Honor Society. 

September, 1960, brought changes in Hammond and in us. Hammond had a new principal, a new wing, and we were upperclassmen. We proudly used our newly acquired class cards as entrance passes to watch our team defeat the teachers in the Junior-Faculty Basketball Game. Who will ever forget the diligently rehearsed half time football farce enacted by some of the less masculine members of our class? We sent three additional girls to Girls’ State and presented the school with a new flag, as a result of the sale of Junior Class Cards. There were class rings, Junior Board meetings, Student Council elections, College Boards, and finally, to climax a wonderful year, the Junior-Senior Prom. All at once classes became paper-carnation factories. The bare gymnasium was transformed into a beautiful “Southern Plantation,” complete with mansion and magnolia trees. 

The long awaited day finally arrived when we became full-fledged members of the Senior Class! What a busy year followed! “The Importance of Being Earnest,” presented by our class, was a real success. Everyone worked hard on the enjoyable and rewarding project.Senior Class and Senior Board meetings paved the way for a new Hammond tradition—a Senior Day. Held right before the Christmas Holidays, this activity proved to be quite a success. Another event no senior will forget was the class trip; whether he visited New York City, or a local point of interest. With college and job acceptance, the Senior Prom, final exams, baccalaureate, orange report cards, and finally, graduation, our high school career ended. To graduating seniors, Hammond High School was no longer a great foreboding building; it had been our “home away from home” for the past four years. There is always a tomorrow, but the Class of ‘62 will never forget yesterday! 

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