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Do You Remember? -  1961 Senior Class History
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1961 Class History
Bill Mack, President
Julia Bell, Vice President
Shirley Shultz, Secretary
Kenny King, Treasurer

A new school ... a new student body ... traditions to be established and carried on presented a challenge to our Class of 1961. As the youngest class at Hammond for two years, by our enthusiasm and wholehearted support, we played an important part in instituting what is known as the Hammond spirit. The distinguishing factor of our class was that it was always an integral part of the student body. We helped initiate numerous school activities, in particular the annual Thanksgiving food drive. During our Sophomore year, many of our boys were active participants in varsity athletics and we boasted one-half the cheerleaders on both squads. 

With the coming of our Junior year and more responsibility, the duties of the class devolved upon the Junior Board. The class of ‘61 started a new trend with a serious Junior-Faculty Basketball game which we actually won fairly. Laughs were provided by the Junior cheerleaders and the faculty Beatniks and the halftime antics of a basketball game between a squad of Junior girls and women faculty members. The money from this game and the sale of Junior Class cards financed the most successful Junior-Senior Prom Hammond has ever seen.Using the theme of “South Pacific,” we decorated the gym with thatched huts surrounding a bubble machine which was decorated as a volcano. The success of the prom enabled us to send another representative to Girls’ State. Our class rings symbolized the progress we had made in high school.

Hammond’s largest Senior Class, 325 strong, embraced the challenge of leadership in a changing and growing school. Capable senior Class officers and a hard-working senior Board not only continued past activities but also inaugurated new ones. In addition to old Senior privileges, new ones included the right of leaving the auditorium first at assemblies, and a Senior Lounge, where each morning Seniors congregated in an atmosophere of frenzied study.For the first time we won our Homecoming Game. A successful season was ended with a final big win over Wakefield. After six weeks of hard work we presented “The Mousetrap” as our contribution to the tradition of successful Senior Plays. The Senior Board spent much time discussing the Senior overnite trip tp New York and the day trip. Our Senior year came to swift close with the Senior Prom at the Airport on May 29, the preentation of the Senior gift, and graduation with all its glory. Because our five years here spanned the formative years of Hammond High School, the Class of 1961 carried over the traditions of the past while accomplishing new changes for the future—we provided the link between the old and the new.

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