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Do You Remember? -  1960 Senior Class History
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1960 Class History
Wallace Campbell, President
Bob Delashaw, Vice President
Pat Lloyd, Secretary
Bill Sar, Treasurer

As I look back on my four years at Hammond, I recall the first day I set foot in the building. It was brand new in 1956 when we swarmed on the School fresh from Jefferson’s 8th grade. In the frosh class, we accomplished little. The upperclassmen seemed to plow right over us.

In the spirit of defeat, we tackled our sophomore year. Determined to keep the school year of ‘58 from being a complete waste, we held a “Snowball Dance” after school in the cafeteria. As I remember, the decorations weren’t the most elaborate, but that didn’t keep anyone from having a good time.

Well, on to our Junior year. We ordered class rings in October, and it seemed like forever before we received them in December. Then there was the Junior Faculty basketball game. It’s a good thing cheating was being used to keep the faculty from swamping us. After selling class cards to most of the Juniors, we had enough money to start work on the class prom and work we did, every morning before school. For the finishing touches on Friday afternoon, Friday night, and Saturday morning, we slaved in the gym. It was all worth it. The results were really great. Even the Seniors seemed to enjoy themselves. 

We had made it. We were seniors at last. Actually it wasn’t much diffrent than it had been at school before.The only really fabulous part was the thought of having only one more year left.Our newly acquired senior privileges made the wait slightly more bearable, and what a riot! No one seemed to agree to anything at the Senior Class Meetings. The fall of 1959 brought once more the excitement of football and Homecoming to Hammond. The seniors, as always, dominated these activities. Both the Valentine and Football queens represented our class.Once more the Juniors gave their prom for the Seniors but this time it was we who were saying goodbye. Exams caused worry and much cramming but were finally over and with them came the Senior Prom. Gaiety was the password for the evening but seriousness still lay ahead. With the handing out of diplomas, we passed into the list of alumni; we were no longer a part of Hammond High, but Hammond will always be a part of us.

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