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Do You Remember? -  1959 Senior Class History
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1959 Class History
Mike Vopatek, President
Ann White, Vice President
Margie Evans, Secretary
Al Forsman, Treasurer

September of 1955 found an excited, perhaps a bit frightened group of lowly freshmen stumbling through new schedules at George Washington High School.Taking care to avoid uperclassmen with the “helpful” hints about using the elevators, we found high school stimulating; yet the homework seemed endless. Many hours of counseling for four years of work was discouraging and left us all with the feeling that we’d never finish. How could these upperclassmen make it to their classes when they walked so slowly?

Fall of 1956 was entirely different and we had a new outlook. There was a beautiful new school to attend and two classes to look down upon. We felt privileged to help a new school get off to a good start, and establishing clubs for future classes to support was a tremendous responsibility.Will we ever forget wading through Julius Caesar and Silas Marner?

Feeling proud of ourselves, as Juniors we could look down on “almost” everybody. We ordered our class rings with eager anticipation, and when they were delivered we suddenly became all hands. Junior Class cards were purchased, and proudly exhibited at the Junior Class-Faculty game and the Junior-Senior Prom.Remember those long hours of making the gym look like a garden of roses, just to please the Seniors?

Finally, the day came. We were Seniors; after three years of work and fun we made it. As Seniors we again bought class cards which helped finance the senior class trip, the gift to the school, and senior prom. One of the highlights of our last year at Hammond was the Senior play, “Cupid in Pigtails,” which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. March brought anious looks on faces of Seniors looking for a letter from their favorite college.College Entrance Exams loomed for practically everyone. As Acceptance letters came, faces perked up and we all started looking forward to graduation—some with happiness and others with a little regret. Didn’t we hate to say good-by to Hammond?

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