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Do You Remember? -  1958 Senior Class History
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1958 Class History
Tom Scott, President
Bill Shuler, Vice President
Nancy Carman, Secretary
Fontaine Lloyd, Treasurer

“We are deeply indebted to the first graduation class of Hammond High School. Being the firstupperclassmen in a new school, the task of beginning extra-curricular activities and developing interests naturally fell to them. In this they have done an admirable job.

The National Honor Society, composed entirely of this class, supplied the incentive to strive for higher honors.Seniors embodied the first student council, which established two important traditions: dignity in elections and a platform for the voice of the study body.The Junior-Senior Prom last year and the Senior Prom of this year made these exciting dances annual events.Pep and school spirit flourished with these students.

For the part they played in building a strong foundation for the future, the first graduating class will be long remembered.”

Only yesterday...high school life was new and frightening to us. Then we got into the natural swing of things...rushing for classes, griping about “those upperclassmen,” cramming for our first exams, searching for the elevator...all those elements so essential to the memorable first year. George Washington High School marked the starting point for many members of the class of 1958.

With the dawn of our second year came frogs, triangles, and the “noble Brutus.” Being “almost upperclassmen,” we were more cocky and sure, but we still had a great deal to learn.

Our Junior year brought opportunity. Establishing our new school, Francis C. Hammond, as an institution every student and Alexandrian can be proud of was an enriching experience for all of us. Class rings and the Junior-Senior Prom were important “firsts,” for both the students and the school.

In our Senior year, the progress we had made as a school filled us with gratitude and pride. Our own growth in knowledge, understanding and character can be attributed to the responsibilities we accepted here at Hammond. This wonderful last year was full of special moments for everyone...the prom, “Home Sweet Homicide,” gradution. We will remember it all, as if it were....only yesterday.

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